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We offer the following services:
Complete Estimates
• Service with specialists
• Maintenance services
• Budget price and financial flexibility
• Realization of the works

All our materials originate from suppliers having the desire ro offer products of very high quality, competitive prices, while respecting to the letter, the guarantees.

Anodized aluminium roofing

• Anodized Aluminum used by Toiture Aluminium Impérial (T.A.I.) provides an important factor of durability and of mechanical hardiness;

• the anodisation, an exclusive commercial procedure for the aluminum, leaves to the surface of the tiles, a protective layer of ceramic (aluminizes) while preserving the metallic aspect and the authenticity of the material;

• aluminum is a material non-corrodible by definition;
• anodized aluminum does not necessitate any special maintenance;

• a roofing in anodized aluminum never changes color.



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